Instructor Led Training (ILT)

What is Instructor Led Training ?

           As it sounds, instructor-led training is the conventional method of instruction in which a class of students listens to the teacher speak in real-time. This might imply that several individuals congregate in one spot or that the instructor is broadcasting what they are saying. When the personnel being taught are located in the heart of an office or other setting where recruit intake occurs, this strategy is especially helpful. 

           This method's ability to let the instructor connect with the audience in some way is one of its most crucial components. Through this interaction, both the audience and the teacher may be engaged. The audience can ask questions of the instructor, and the instructor can also push the audience to share their own experiences with the topic that is currently being covered. Classes need to be smaller for this to be possible (10–20 people).   

        Involving the audience is essential to ensure that the topic is under-stood by the audience and offers the chance to adapt the content on the fly to fit a specific audience. In the end, this results in a better and more enjoyable experience for the teacher and the audience and will provide a more effective training session overall. From these classes, retention is almost always greater.

     Instructor-led training can also be videotaped for later replay by individuals who were not there for it or were unable to attend at the time it was delivered, albeit this is less ideal. Even though there isn't the valuable chance for audience comment, this can still be useful in some ways. If recorded instruction is to be the main delivery method, it should be followed by another strategy to guarantee audience participation, such a quiz or other knowledge test. Otherwise, all we're guaranteeing is that our audience can sit through some background noise (or fast forward through it).

Instructor led training

Advantage of Instructor lead Training :

  • Open Dialogue- Instructors can use student questions to make sure they are remembering what they are learning. Students can contact their lecturers for prompt feedback. Face-to-face interactions between teachers and pupils are beneficial for interpreting body language and facial expressions.
  • Adaptability- Your teacher will be able to modify the curriculum as necessary when they can monitor and assess their students in real-time. If their learners require more time on a subject, they may revisit the material; if they have a more advanced set of pupils, they can proceed more quickly.
  • Making connections- By creating a space where a group of people can study together, you give them the chance to engage, form bonds, and develop as a team.
  • Distraction-free environment- Learners' retention rates drop when they are distracted. They are less likely to be persuaded to check their email, browse social media, or work on something else when there is a designated location for instruction. 
  • Collaborative and Engaging-  While your students are seated in class, you may keep their attention with practical exercises, candid discussions, and interactions with the teacher and other students.  

Disadvantages to Consider with Instructor-Led Training

  • Expenses Associated with Traditional Training:

• Recurring expenses include venue rental, instructor fees, travel expenses, training materials, and catering.
• While effective, traditional training can strain budgets with additional costs.

  • Time Away From Work:

Learners need to block off a specific time, potentially days, away from the office for instructor-led training.
Virtual learning tools offer flexibility, allowing learners to manage their schedules more efficiently.

  • Limitation on the Number of Learners:

• Instructor-led training often accommodates small groups, limiting the number of learners trained simultaneously.
• Virtual training solutions, such as eLearning, allow scalability for larger groups.

Our innovative approach ensures that learners can harness the benefits of open dialogue, adaptability, and network building, without compromising on time, expenses, or scalability. Prompt Edify's Instructor-Led Virtual Training combines the best of both worlds, offering an engaging, interactive, and cost-effective solution that aligns with the dynamic needs of today's learners.

Current Patterns Of Instructor Led Training

          Through educational technology, there have been several recent advances in updating and optimizing instructor-led teaching. A virtual classroom can be used to conduct instructor-led training remotely, in which case it is referred to as virtual instructor-led training.  While the instructor and students are in separate places, internet technologies are used to simulate a classroom experience. You have the option of receiving this training synchronously or asynchronously.    

         To maximize efficacy, instructor-led instruction can be integrated with online learning in a blended learning environment. In this instance, some training is given in person, and online courses act as review material in between sessions. The flipped classroom model is a rising approach to blended learning in which students view lectures online before participating in group projects, discussions, and problem-solving exercises in class.

           A variety of technological and collaborative tools, including video software and systems to access information during class, can improve training in the classroom. Last but not least, specialized software that automates all procedures (scheduling, logistics, cost and budget management, administration, reporting, etc.), like a training management system, can optimize the back office management of instructor-led training. This enables training firms to boost the effectiveness of their ILT and make the most use of their budget for training. 

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