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                Prompt Edify has been committed to providing quality education and knowledge to the SAP ecosystem and SAP Authorized training partner under SAP Power user training program we are providing SAP training for professional ,education institution & corporate training we have short duration & customizable course courses that help in the fulfillment of skill gaps identified & need of the project team and sap user .Prompt edify provide post training support ,placement assistance & career advisory service .

          SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software suite developed by SAP SE that allows organizations to manage their business processes in an integrated manner. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to manage financials, logistics, human resources, and other business operations.

         The SAP ERP system is designed to be modular and flexible, allowing organizations to tailor the software to their specific needs. It includes modules such as Financial Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Production Planning, Human Capital Management, and more.
           One of the key benefits of SAP ERP is its ability to integrate with other systems and applications. This allows organizations to streamline their business processes and improve efficiency. Additionally, SAP ERP offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions.
     SAP ERP is widely used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and more. It is a complex system that requires specialized knowledge and training to implement and maintain. SAP ERP certification is available for individuals who want to gain expertise in the system and advance their careers in the field.

SAP Course at Prompt Edify

Benefit of SAP Training @Prompt Edify:

  • Participant will get SAP User enable ID 
  • Completion of course & Online exam certificate SAP will provide global certificate
  • Expert SAP S4 HANA Instruction: Beyond the Curriculum
  • Personal training by SAP Certified consultant
  • Live & hands on Experience  
  • Flexible timing & cost-effective online training  

SAP Course offered in Prompt Edify:

  • SAP Material Management 
  • SAP Finance & Controlling 
  • SAP Sales & Distribution 
  • SAP Production Planning  

Free SAP Integration Live Workshop

SAP Integration Tri Module Workshop 

Finance + Sales + Purchase

Join us in this enriching journey of SAP Integration. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, this workshop promises valuable insights and practical skills that are directly applicable to real-world scenarios.

Let's explore the synergy of SAP modules together!

Key Skills and Importance of SAP Job Roles in Today's Business World:

SAP is a leading enterprise software company and its products are widely used in large organizations to manage business processes and operations. There are several job roles in the SAP domain that require different skill sets, some of which are:

  • SAP Functional Consultant: They are responsible for understanding the business requirements of an organization and mapping them to SAP modules like SAP FICO, SAP MM, SAP PP, etc. Key skills required include strong domain knowledge, communication skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities.  
  • SAP Technical Consultant: They are responsible for the technical implementation of SAP systems. Key skills required include programming languages like ABAP, proficiency in database management systems, knowledge of system integration and experience in managing SAP projects. 
  •  SAP Basis Administrator: They are responsible for the technical administration of SAP systems including performance tuning, system backup and recovery, and security management. Key skills required include experience in managing SAP systems, knowledge of operating systems and database administration, and strong analytical skills.  
  • SAP Project Manager: They are responsible for managing SAP projects from start to finish, ensuring project delivery within budget, time and quality constraints. Key skills required include project management skills, leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and experience in managing SAP projects.

Who can do SAP Online Certification Course ?

  • Individuals with a background in business administration or management 
  • IT professionals with experience in SAP systems and software 
  • Consultants or analysts who work with SAP systems in their current roles 
  • Operations or finance professionals who work with data and analytics
  •  Supply chain or logistics professionals who manage SAP systems
  •  Business process experts who have experience with SAP systems 
  • Managers or leaders who are responsible for implementing and maintaining SAP systems 
  • IT managers or project managers who have experience with SAP systems 
  • Architects or developers who have experience with SAP systems and software development
  •  Individuals who have completed prior SAP certification courses and wish to advance their skills and knowledge.
Who can do SAP Course at Prompt Edify


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 A profession is something you do for a living. You can choose from different professions that meet your interest. Once you begin working, you can start your career. There are many different careers that you can choose from.
•One of the best ways is to work as an independent consultant.
•By using SAP services and consulting, you will be able to earn an income in this way.
•It offers products like SAP Business Objects, SAP ERP, etc.
•The company has many subsidiaries and affiliates across the world.
• If you have a computer with internet connection and access to the internet, then you can learn & become a SAP consultant.
•You will have the opportunity to learn about the SAP software and different module at Prompt Edify.
  In this field you can utilize your work experience & qualification in right direction 

Some professionals may wonder about the salary of an SAP professional. This is because it seems a bit high when compared to the average salary of a person in the job market. The good news is that SAP professionals earn a lot of money from other companies and even from a job. SAP professionals can earn more than what they make from an organization in which they work.
• SAP has a strong market presence in the country and has an immense scope in the Indian market.
• SAP is one of the leading providers of enterprise application software and systems. It is a German-based company that has been actively promoting its products in various parts of the world, including India.
There are a number of companies in the country that are using SAP solutions to manage their daily operations.  
• SAP has a vast range of products that are being used by various industries and organizations across the globe.
• The salaries offered by SAP vary from industry to industry. For instance, those who work for the company in India are paid considerably higher than those who work outside India. 

 You will also be expected to take charge of all functional aspects related to the project.
                                                                                   SAP Job Description:          
.The key responsibilities of an SAP Consultant include.
·To analyze the current state of the system and provide suggestions for improvement.
·Ensure the client is aware of what it is doing and why it is doing it.          
·Develops new and innovative ways of solving problems and communicates their results to the client.
·Works closely with other technical experts to create or improve business solutions and implement them effectively.  
·Keeps up to date on the latest developments in the field, and makes recommendations about how to What Do You Need To Learn?

         Being an SAP CONSULTANT is a good option for freshers even in 2023. As a fresher it is a great option if you are picked from campus. The subject allows you to work independently sooner than other streams.
        If you are not picked into SAP from campus and trying on your own you would struggle with training, finding a job and initial salary. But once you are through it then you would have a good job and a great career.
        It is possible to move from SAP to core business especially in Finance, inventory management production planning and costing sales and distribution especially if you have a degree in these subjects.
        SAP is so detailed and process oriented that it should ideally be taught as a major subject in B. Tech and MBA. The reason is that learning SAP not only gives you an understanding of SAP, but it also gives you an understanding of how businesses work and how processes are structured inside an organization. It also shows you the way managers and executives look at reports.
                                                                    Everyone should learn SAP for the following reasons:

*When you learn SAP you would also learn the best business processes used by the greatest MNC's of the world. You can talk about these processes during your interviews or during your day-to-day work in an organization. Your knowledge would be deeply respected.
*You could learn SAP and join an organization as an end user. You already know the processes and the way things are done inside SAP. Now you just need to learn how the company works around those processes and how they have tweaked SAP to their liking.
*Student should learn about SAP because without joining an organization it gives them an idea of how organizations work. Students are generally not taught about processes or how you need to work in an organization. SAP helps in breaking this barrier because with an understanding of SAP you get an understanding of how things would work in an organization.
*This course is designed to teach you how to manage your business processes using ERP systems. It teaches you how to use the functionalities available in ERP systems.
*Moreover, you will be able to find the necessary answers regarding business process management systems. might benefit the company.

 A lot of companies hire talented professionals who have been certified in SAP training courses.
  Many of these companies offer good employment opportunities for aspiring consultants.
 SAP is a software company that has been around for more than 30 years.
  They create enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resource management (HRM) solutions for their customers.
 They sell their products and services online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores. If you want to work in SAP, you should take a few minutes to read the next paragraphs.
 Your certification will let you know the current trends in the field of ERP and HRM. You will learn how to design and develop ERP and HRM systems. 

 • Prompt Edify SAP Education Partner is an institute where students can avail numerous courses. Students can take courses at their own pace and convenience.
  You will be provided with proper guidance by the instructors of Prompt Edify& certificate will be provided by SAP.
  If you want to study more about courses at Prompt Edify, you can visit its official website.
 You will get detailed information regarding various programs offered by it. In addition, you will also get to know about the placement record of students who have availed courses from this institute. 

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