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SAP SD Course Overview:

            Prompt Edify has been committed to providing quality education and knowledge to the SAP ecosystem and SAP Authorized training partner under SAP Power user training program we are providing SAP training for professional ,education institution & corporate training we have short duration & customizable course courses that help in the fulfillment of skill gaps identified & need of the project team and sap user .Prompt edify provide post training support ,placement assistance & career advisory service .

This SAP SD Online Training provides comprehensive coverage of the SAP Sales and Distribution module on the new technology S/4HANA. SAP SD is a crucial module that manages sales processes, order management, pricing, shipping, and billing. It seamlessly integrates with other modules like SAP Finance(FI), SAP Production & Planning(PP), SAP Material Management(MM), SAP S/4 HANA, & More. The course also includes the Management Accounting aspect, known as Controlling or CO, which offers valuable insights to the management for cost analysis and profitability. Explore the in-depth coverage of SAP SD, one of the most prominent subjects in SAP's functional part, through this training by Prompt Edify.

SAP SD Course

What is the need for SAP SD Certification?

              In today's business landscape, SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a key player, and getting certified is crucial. SAP Certification offers a competitive edge by validating expertise in SAP applications, making professionals stand out. This credential extends beyond technical aspects, encompassing various business functions like finance, logistics, and human resources. In Tripoli, where business dynamics are rapidly evolving, SAP-certified professionals are highly valued. Our SAP SD Certification Training at Prompt Edify provides a strategic and hands-on approach. Taught by certified instructors, it focuses on mastering SAP tools for effective deployment and configuration. Join us to unlock career opportunities and contribute meaningfully to Tripoli's dynamic business environment. Explore SAP SD Training at Prompt Edify for a comprehensive and flexible learning experience that aligns with your career goals.               

Key Features of SAP SD Certification Training at Prompt Edify

         Our SAP SD Certification Training is designed for comprehensive skill development, ensuring alignment with the SAP Certification Exam. Led by highly qualified instructors, the course provides practical insights and real-world examples for mastering SAP deployment and configuration. With a hands-on approach, participants gain the knowledge needed to excel in the SAP SD Certification Exam and make impactful contributions to organizations. Choose from flexible training formats, including engaging live online classrooms, traditional in-classroom sessions, or group onsite training. This adaptability allows professionals to tailor their learning experience to fit their preferences and schedules, making SAP SD Certification at Prompt Edify a valuable investment in career growth.

SAP Sales & Distribution (SD)

           SAP Sales & Distribution (SAP SD) is a module of the SAP ERP system that helps businesses manage sales, shipping, and billing processes. It enables organizations to manage the entire sales process, from initial inquiry to final invoice, and includes functionality for pricing, availability check, and order management. It also helps to manage shipping and billing activities, including the creation of delivery documents, picking and packing, and billing. The module integrates with other SAP modules, such as Material Management and Financial Accounting, to provide a complete and streamlined process for managing sales and distribution activities.

         SD is being widely used in organizations to track pre-sales, sales, and & post – sales & transactions, SAP Sales and Distribution module is a part of SAP Logistics module & it is one of the key components of SAP ERP system you will learn Enterprises Structure Sales Area Sales Document Type Master data Configuration Pricing and revenue account Special sales Processes logistic execution, Credit management Billing document etc.

Take a Look SAP Training Methodology

SAP SD Online Training Details

  • No. of Hours of Training:- 48 Hours 
  •  Sessions: Weekdays (2 Hrs)  
  • Training Type: Batch Training (in a group)  
  • Audience: (Refer to Who Should Learn in the syllabus section)

SAP Sales & Distribution Online Course Objective

SAP SD Course Objective

  • Master SAP Sales and Distribution Solutions.
  • Effectively handle Sales and Distribution processes in SAP-driven enterprises.
  • Configure and implement SAP SD in SAP S4 HANA.

SAP SD Career Advancement

  • Establish a solid foundation for transitioning to SAP’s HANA technology.
  • Ideal for those seeking progression in Sales and Distribution within the SAP domain.

Prompt Edify SAP SD Training Highlights

  • Hands-on projects for practical, real-world exposure.
  • Comprehensive frameworks for both conceptual and practical understanding.

Embark on a transformative learning journey into SAP SD, your gateway to a fulfilling career in SAP Sales and Distribution. Engage in our Entry-Level SAP SD Course, leveraging cutting-edge S4 HANA technology. Our course, blending theory with hands-on projects, ensures a well-rounded learning experience. Attain the role of a SAP SD Associate with insights into real-time projects. Propel your career forward with us!

SAP SD Course


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Top 10 Benefits of  SAP Sales & Distribution (SAP SD) in Your Business:

  1. Streamlined sales process: SAP SD helps to automate and streamline the entire sales process, from initial inquiry to final invoice, which can improve efficiency and reduce errors. 
  2.  Improved customer service: SAP SD allows organizations to quickly access customer information and order history, which can be used to provide better customer service.  
  3. Real-time inventory management: The module integrates with the Material Management module to provide real-time inventory information, which can help to ensure that products are available when customers need them. 
  4.  Better pricing: SAP SD includes functionality for pricing and discounts, which can help organizations to optimize their pricing strategy and increase revenue. 
  5.  Improved shipping and billing: The module includes functionality for shipping and billing, which can help organizations to manage these processes more efficiently.  
  6. Strong reporting and analytics: SAP SD provides a wide range of reporting and analytics options, which can help organizations to make data-driven decisions.  
  7. Integration with other systems: The module can integrate with other SAP modules, as well as non-SAP systems, which can help to provide a complete and streamlined process for managing sales and distribution activities.  
  8. Scalability: SAP SD can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization, and can be easily scaled as the organization grows.  
  9. Mobile access: SAP SD can be accessed via mobile devices, which allows sales representatives and other employees to access important information and perform tasks while on the go.  
  10. Compliance: SAP SD can help organizations to comply with various regulations, such as tax laws and export regulations, which can help to minimize the risk of non-compliance.

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SAP SD Online Course

Who can do SAP SD Certification Course?

  • Sales professionals and managers who work with SAP systems.
  •  Business analysts, consultants, and project managers who work with SAP systems. 
  • IT professionals with experience in SAP software and systems.
  •  Operations, logistics, and supply chain professionals who work with SAP systems. 
  • Business process experts and analysts who have experience with SAP SD. 
  • Marketing and customer service professionals who work with SAP systems. 
  • Managers and leaders who are responsible for implementing and maintaining SAP systems. 
  • IT managers and project managers who have experience with SAP systems and software development. 
  • Individuals who have completed prior SAP certification courses and wish to advance their skills and knowledge in the area of SAP SD. 
  • Fresh graduates in business administration, engineering, and IT who want to start their career in the field of sales and distribution. 
  • Individuals with a background in economics, management, and marketing.   
SAP SD Module

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Affordable Fees

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Trusted & Certified

We are SAP authorised with certified & trusted trainer team in industry.

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Benefit of SAP Training @Prompt Edify:

  • Participant will get SAP User enable ID  
  • Completion of course & Online exam certificate SAP will provide global certificate 
  • Expert SAP S/4 HANA Instruction: Beyond the Curriculum   
  • Personal training by SAP Certified consultant    
  • Live & hands on Experience Flexible timing & cost-effective online training  
  • Affordable charges for SAP Course as compare to market 
  • Free SAP Software Access For  practice
  •  Live Instructor Led Training with Real Case Studies

Participant Feedback From Virtual SAP Professional Training

"Certified but lacked experience. Anup's course transformed me from front-end to SAP HANA. Now handling configs, upskilled in a year. Seamless work-training balance with audio lessons. Enroll for SAP transformation."

Jonathan Dhlomo
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Prompt Edify has helped me to gain more knowledge and confidence for SAP FICO. Their teaching methods and vast experience have helped to give me a competitive edge everywhere. I look forward to also doing my SD training with high expectations!!" 

Nomathembiso Ndebele

"My journey learning SAP S4 HANA at Prompt Edify has been inspiring. The sessions that we go through are so comprehensive and for some one like me from a non SAP background, it has been easy for me to grasp the concepts. I am confident that I can now go to the job market and be of value."

Gerald Kunsamala
Harare, Zimbabwe


      Because of grate demand of SAP SD Consultants in the market, most of the Sales and Marketing professionals and, other Management student graduate and beginners are all motivated to learn SAP SD that means a person who is an expert in sales or logistic field and wants to recognize his experience in the IT industries are most welcome .
Once you have passed SAP SD Consultant Certification exam, you will be able to get a position of a qualified and talented SAP SD Consultant.
If you decide to pursue a corporate career path, you will be able to get yourself a very well-paid job.
The salary of this position is based on the level of the project and work experience

        Some professionals may wonder about the salary of an SAP SD professional. This is because it seems a bit high when compared to the average salary of a person in the job market. The good news is that SAP SD professionals earn a lot of money from other companies and even from a job. SAP professionals can earn more than what they make from an organization in which they work.
SAP SD has a strong market presence in the country and has an immense scope in the Indian market.  
SAP SD is one of the leading providers of enterprise application software and systems. It is a German-based company that has been actively promoting its products in various parts of the world, including India.
There are a number of companies in the country that are using SAP SD solutions to manage their daily operations.  
SAP SD has a vast range of products that are being used by various industries and organizations across the globe.
The salaries offered by SAP SD vary from industry to industry. For instance, those who work for the company in India are paid considerably higher than those who work outside India. 

       As SAP SD Consultant includes planning, analysis, implementation, and support is main role and responsibility apart from the other task can include it will help you to understand the role of a consultant better. The SAP SD Consultants are responsible for managing the change processes for SAP solutions that are in development and implementation. Your role is to work in close collaboration with customers to understand their needs and expectations.  
As a consultant, you will also be in charge of designing, building, and deploying new SAP solutions.
In addition, you will have to manage your clients' projects. Your task is to perform activities related to analysis, design, implementation, testing, and documentation.
These include activities like resolving user problems, defining technical and functional specifications for new products, and supporting customers in the implementation of new systems.

      If you're thinking about a career in SAP, you need to know what these SAP SD modules entail. You need to be aware of the benefits of the modules and the benefits they can offer you. The course can help you to understand the modules and their uses.
     SD is being widely used in organizations to track pre-sales sales and post sales transactions, SAP Sales and Distribution module is a part of SAP Logistics module& it is one of the key components of SAP ERP system.
      Getting started with the SAP SD course will give you a better knowledge about SAP SD and its modules.
SAP SD contains numerous modules and sub-modules. The SAP SD course helps you to study these sub-modules effectively.
There is a comprehensive content provided in this course.
You will be given a thorough understanding of the topic. Your trainer will guide you on every aspect of the course.

The SAP SD certification course is very popular amongst IT professionals SAP SD is one of the most popular modules. This means that it is very much in demand amongst candidates and those who are looking for jobs. The module contains numerous strategies that are very beneficial for any candidate who is looking to get his or her job done.
You can make good package if you are willing to work for it.
A big advantage to work for a good company is that you will get a great salary and a lot of opportunities to grow and learn new skills.
In this case, it would be wise to consider working for the best company. TCS, IBM. Infosys Reliance is one of the top companies in India.
It is well known for its training programs. These programs help students who have passed out from colleges or having work experience in marketing to find jobs and improve their skills.

Prompt Edify SAP Education Partner has helped many students achieve good grades in the SAP SD Certification exams. We are confident that Prompt Edify will help you as well. We want to provide students with the best training possible and this includes the SAP SD Training Certification.
Our professionals will guide you in your career journey.
They will also teach you how to deal with the tough interviews.
Our tutors are very helpful in the placement process as they will provide you with various job profiles and career advice to make sure that you find what you are looking for.

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